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Ooopppsss we did it again!

Alright y’all! Our last trip to Mineral Wells was SO much fun and we have a 6 week gap until our next trip that we decided to head on back to Mineral Wells. Once again, we had an amazing time! Unfortunately the two spots we wanted to stay at were both taken but we still made so many awesome memories. This is a few weeks delayed but…Enjoy!!!

Why do we keep choosing the super hot days to go camping??? Oh yeah, because we live in an oven!

Fortunately we brought a mini pool to keep the SuperKids cool and refreshed.

Plus the swimming beach is fabulous.

We had so much fun SuperLittle got COMPLETELY tuckered out. She slept so hard she barely moved!

The sun was hot and unrelenting. We all got a tad too much sun. 😔

But s’mores make everything so much nicer… and tastier… and stickier.

Our new rig makes a world of difference and we are so thankful for it.

Of course we have to do the Junior Ranger activity book, say the pledge, and add a badge to our collection!

I’m sure you’re on pins and needles wondering where and when we will go exploring next. Hint: it’s somewhere we’ve never been!


First camping trip of 2018!

Well. It would stand to reason that the first camping trip of the year would also fall on the hottest day so far this year. Of course!!! Let’s test out our amazing new camper with triple digit weather!

No matter. On the last day of school we packed up and headed to Mineral Wells.

We set up camp quickly (side note: setup is SO much faster when there’s less to set up!) and started to enjoy the scenery. Our camping trip was extra special with SuperGrandparents and Supernephew joining us.

The wildlife was incredible. We saw deer come super close to our campsite multiple times during our stay.

Even Superbaby loved looking out the window and enjoying the view.

Before the heat of the day, we enjoyed several rounds of hiking and exploring.

We did some bike riding and scootering too!

Then the boys packed up and headed to a nearby Home Depot for their kids workshop program and the girls headed into downtown Mineral Wells for some exploring, shopping, and garage saling. Superbig even completed her Junior Ranger book and became a Mineral Wells Junior Ranger.

During our garage sale shopping, we found some fun new toys to enjoy.

A few books before bed and the SuperKids were OUT!

The new camper has an oven we excitedly put to use with fresh, warm, gooey cinnamon rolls.

Then out for some more hiking and exploring!

How about a funny one?!???

Time to explore!

Not everyone was super happy…

But we perked right up with some rock climbing.

The lake was beautiful and we enjoyed swimming, wading, shell hunting, and more.

It was such fun to have company on this adventure and we can’t wait for a whole season of camping fun!

Next time we come to Mineral Wells, we are definitely going to want to give a rock climbing site like #45 or a water front site like #27 a try!

We did a “thing”…

What a blast this little Superfamily has had with our popup camper! This whole thing started as a little experiment to see if we were “camping people”. Guess what?!!!?? We ARE! The Superkids have been asking nearly nonstop about our next trip. The adventures we’ve had were amazing. But let’s be 100% real for one red hot minute. Superdad and I work full time. Like FULL time. So by the time we would finish work for the day, link up, load up, pull out, and drive to our camping destination (plus at least one or two potty breaks), we were wiped! But then we would still have to set up camp. It’s a bit of time and effort to set up a PUP as it is, but add three tiny humans to the mix and it was really and truly a lot.

So Superdad and I have been talking all winter about upgrading. We prayed and searched and waited. Then, coming back from Superdad’s graduation (congratulations!!!!) I found it! It was perfect!

Isn’t it fabulous? Want a tour?

We bought it on the spot and brought it home a few days later. Then we both had work weeks to end all work weeks and had to just smile at our new adventure sitting in the driveway. But today, TODAY! we finally moved in! Some new linens, our existing gear, and we are set!

The kids love it and we are all SO ready for our first trip of 2018. T-minus 9 days! Where will we go this time?

Hello Hill Country!

I know I promised y’all 3 more camping trips to round out our 2017 camping season but Hurricane Harvey flooded our early September destination closing the park for a couple of months.

No matter! We enjoyed this weekend in the gorgeous topography of the Texas Hill Country. After a full work day, we hooked up our rig in record time and boogied out of town. We made excellent time with only one stop for dinner.

Even still, all 3 Superbabies were exhausted!

After a wonderful night’s rest, the morning sunshine showed us what a beautiful campsite we had set up in.

Lake view. Spitting distance to the potties (very important with miniature humans featuring tiny bladders). A stone’s throw to the playground. Perfection.

The SuperBigs ran and played while SuperMommy and SuperDaddy made breakfast.

SuperTiny supervised the entire enterprise.

After filling our tummies, we set out to explore the area.

A quick 45 minute drive landed us at the incredible Enchanted Rock State Park. Let’s do this!

Clearly we are all so very excited! Can we possibly make it all the way to the top??

First, let’s take a moment to observe the local flora and fauna.

Ok. Time to go!

It all started easy enough but quickly turned steep! Good thing we all had plenty of energy in our bodies and tennis shoes on our feet.

Good gracious! The view is spectacular and we haven’t even reached the top!

Success!!! Once we reached the top, we found a perfect spot to plop down and enjoy a picnic lunch.

Some of us plopped a little more than others.

Perfect time for a selfie!

Thank you God for this magnificent sight!

We found a perfect spot for a family shot!

Time to go back down!

We worked so hard we felt like we earned some ice cream and snow cones.

SuperSister resolved to earn another state parks badge and finished her journal in record time.

Since we just finished at the highest point in the area, let’s venture to the lowest accessible part in the area – let’s go UNDERground!

We showed up exactly 7 minutes before the regularly scheduled tour and were able to jump right in. Here we go!

Down. Down. Down!

We listened very carefully to the instructions and history of the caverns. What a great learning experience!

It’s time to go in! From the very first moment, the Superkids were in awe.

The cave features were incredible!

Check out this “dog” – formed entirely naturally by an underground river.

Even the Superbaby enjoyed it.

The entire tour, SuperBig wiggled her loose tooth until, right as we were loading up, it popped right out! Unfortunately the Tooth Fairy doesn’t travel so she will have to make a visit when we return home.

Back at our campsite, we built a cozy campfire and set about making dinner – beer brats, fire roasted baked potatoes, and SuperMommy’s campfire cheese biscuits.

The cheese biscuits in particular were an interesting and delicious experiment. 2 cups of pancake mix (just add water variety), 1/3 cup water, 1 egg, and some Swiss cheese – mixed into a batter, crisped on both sides on the electric griddle and then slow cooked over the fire. Yum!!! Of course, campfire cooking takes a while so SuperBrother passed the time by digging a hole. Who knows why… but why not?

SuperSister even wrapped up another junior ranger journal and earned the second badge of the weekend.

What an amazing camping trip! 3 state parks, 2 exciting experiences, and 1 memorable weekend. Only one more camping trip to go before we retire the Hoovercraft for the season. See you soon!

Lake Arrowhead

A.k.a. The land of the many, many, many, MANY prairie dogs. I mean… if your campsite is going to be infested with an animal, I'm happy it's these cute little things!

Aren't they cute!?!?

And they make a super cute little sound!

The superkids were terribly fascinated by them. I don't think they had ever seen real life prairie dogs.

Let's play count the prairie dogs. How many do you see?

It's like an optical illusion, right?

We found the playground and started crawling all over!

So much love!!!

Back at the campsite, it was work! Work! Work!

And God sent the perfect sunset to finish the evening

After breakfast on Saturday, we set out for a hike. We have some Superadventurers!

We were brave until we ran across these babies

See them? No? How about now?


Ack!?!!!!!! Let's play some more with the cuter of God's creatures.

Or let's go fishing?!!!

We didn't catch anything but we sure worked up an appetite!

So did this little friend apparently

The August heat got to us all and Superbaby was desperate for a nap

So we loaded up in the truck and enjoyed some treats that Grandma sent. Thanks Grandma!

Being this close to Wichita Falls is even closer to Oklahoma. Superdad and I quickly realized that 2/3 of our brood have never ventured outside the great state of Texas! Oh no!!! We were quick to remedy that.

But just as quickly, we jumped back over the state line.

On the way home, we saw the most interesting thing!

We had a blast! Until next time!

What a wonderful world!

Every now and then the brain cells floating around on my head bump into each other and I have what I like to call a "brain quiver". This phenomenon is exactly as it sounds – my brain literally shivers with an idea!

So, today's enlightenment comes to you compliments of Walmart. For the past 2 months I have been fiddling around with Walmart Grocery and am proud to say that I haven't stepped foot in a grocery store since (I send SuperDad for last minute needs!). Of course, shopping this way requires planning ahead, but the time savings is incredible.

So what if I combined my newfound efficiency with our love of camping?? How? You might ask… well, what if, just what if I found the closest Walmart to our next camping locale, strategically planned our grocery needs to be ready at the appointed hour, and seamlessly pop in to have our weekend's haul loaded through minimal effort on our part. The Walmart Grocery app saves our favorite selections making our routine menu a breeze. Picking up our food items close to the park means less worry about keeping it cold while en route. It's just about perfect!

If you feel so inclined to check out Walmart Grocery either for a camping trip of your own or for just your typical, everyday shopping, please consider using my referral link. We BOTH get $10 off our next order so SHARE the love!

Until next time! We have about 3 more weeks until the Hoovercraft takes off again!

Oh the places we’ll go!!!

Camping adventure number 4 is in the bag. With a trip to the exciting Dinosaur Valley State Park under our belt, we are officially half way done with our camping tour of north Texas for the summer. We have just 4 more trips planned giving us a whopping 8 total camping trips from March to October. What fun!

We started with a learning experience about the magnitude of dinosaurs. They were HUGE!!!

Aren’t these babies beautiful!

We quickly located our campsite (side tip – if you want to camp at Dinosaur Valley, book quick and get there early. That place is HOPPING!). For funsies, we added a hammock to our camping gear which the SuperKids LOVED!

Then we set out for a little exploring and quickly found the park’s amphitheater. SuperBig and SuperMiddle pretended to be a long neck dinosaur and a T-Rex and put on an entire performance for their adoring fans. 

We stumbled across the playground and helped ourselves to some energy expending time. 

Dinosaur Valley has some GREAT river wading and swimming holes. We found an awesome spot and settled in for some fun. 

Isn’t this view amazing!!! We all loved it!

Well, everyone but SuperBaby loved it. 

Quickly enough the splashing and wading became a little more daring and we challenged some rather impressive sized rocks. 

Gooooo SuperDaddy!! Let’s check that out in real time!

Back at camp, we tested our new campsite pest security system with SuperDaddy’s new Bug A-Salt gun. 

So much fun! But far too quickly the unrelenting heat wore us down so we hopped in the truck for a cool down drive. We just so happened to find ourselves in Granbury which just so happens to be the home of Babe’s Chicken. Oh my! If you’ve never had the pleasure…GO! We even had the opportunity for a quick photo op!

Right before we left the park, we decided to have a little fun with the wildlife and displays. 

Overall, we had a crazy, sweltering, hopping good time!

Join us next time!!