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Oh the places we’ll go!!!

Camping adventure number 4 is in the bag. With a trip to the exciting Dinosaur Valley State Park under our belt, we are officially half way done with our camping tour of north Texas for the summer. We have just 4 more trips planned giving us a whopping 8 total camping trips from March to October. What fun!

We started with a learning experience about the magnitude of dinosaurs. They were HUGE!!!

Aren’t these babies beautiful!

We quickly located our campsite (side tip – if you want to camp at Dinosaur Valley, book quick and get there early. That place is HOPPING!). For funsies, we added a hammock to our camping gear which the SuperKids LOVED!

Then we set out for a little exploring and quickly found the park’s amphitheater. SuperBig and SuperMiddle pretended to be a long neck dinosaur and a T-Rex and put on an entire performance for their adoring fans. 

We stumbled across the playground and helped ourselves to some energy expending time. 

Dinosaur Valley has some GREAT river wading and swimming holes. We found an awesome spot and settled in for some fun. 

Isn’t this view amazing!!! We all loved it!

Well, everyone but SuperBaby loved it. 

Quickly enough the splashing and wading became a little more daring and we challenged some rather impressive sized rocks. 

Gooooo SuperDaddy!! Let’s check that out in real time!

Back at camp, we tested our new campsite pest security system with SuperDaddy’s new Bug A-Salt gun. 

So much fun! But far too quickly the unrelenting heat wore us down so we hopped in the truck for a cool down drive. We just so happened to find ourselves in Granbury which just so happens to be the home of Babe’s Chicken. Oh my! If you’ve never had the pleasure…GO! We even had the opportunity for a quick photo op!

Right before we left the park, we decided to have a little fun with the wildlife and displays. 

Overall, we had a crazy, sweltering, hopping good time!

Join us next time!!

Meridian State Park

Camping trip #3 is in the bag! Armed with a fully functional air conditioner (which is a necessity with temperatures like this…)

Are we crazy!?!? I guess. But we loaded up and headed out. 

We checked in to this lovely little park and started to get set up. Meridian is a TINY State Park. Not much space but lots to see! And… next to zero mosquitoes which is a huge plus! Superchildren played while the Superparents set up our rig. 

Unfortunately, we experienced a torrential downpour that lasted almost 10 hours straight! From 105o to flooding and 60o overnight – go home Texas, you’re drunk! The rain kept us inside for half the day but we made it work. Supermommy made some yummy breakfast

Superbaby practiced crawling, posing, and looking adorable…

And everyone else had fun snuggling, coloring, and keeping entertained!

Superdaddy even tried to convince the Superbigs to watch “Oh Brother Where Art Thou” (his favorite movie!)

Once the weather cleared, we decided to try out our new inflatable  boat! Putting it together was half the fun. 

Then we hauled it down to the lake! Let’s play!

Or maybe not. Within minutes of hopping in the water, Superbaby got upset, Superson started crying relentlessly, Superdaughter needed to go potty, and Superdad spotted a water moccasin. Water play is over! Let’s try hiking instead! That seems a little less dangerous. 

We found some amazing treasures. Check out the supercool flying creatures we discovered. 

Superboy squiggled his fingers in the moss on this tree

Superdaddy spotted this incredible fossil in the rock

We found a gorgeous scenic overlook 

Superbaby fell asleep and missed the whole .75 mile hike

But perked up the minute we got back to the truck

Since our boating adventure plopped, we repurposed the boat into a pool (and later a bath!)

After dinner we engaged in a little card playing. Super3yearold is actually quite good at “Go Fish”!

Super6yearold finished her Junior Ranger activity book and was pledged as a Meridian State Park Junior Ranger. 

All the fun and adventures of the day wore out each and every Superkid and bedtime came easily. 

The morning had us packing up and heading home. T minus 12 days until our NEXT camping trip! We have 5 more trips scheduled this year! Join us for all of our adventures!

Camping trip to Lake Whitney!

We took the Hoovercraft down to Lake Whitney for a weekend of roughing it and relaxing (or at least an attempt at relaxation!). After a full work week that included a late night 3 of the 5 work days, we loaded up our brood and headed to explore the wild. 

Apparently Texas state parks have a Junior Ranger program which brought out the competitive, gotta win at everything spirit in Super6YearOld. Within an hour she had completed all the activities and filled out the application to be a bonafide Junior Ranger!

After swinging by park headquarters to get sworn in, we bee-bopped over to the fishing area for an attempt at fishing. 

What really ended up happening was some exploring, soggy bottoms, and bored children. Clearly we are going to have to work on that…

Needing to get some wiggles out, we ventured over to the Towash hiking trail. 

We even found a beautiful blue egg treasure. It had already been abandoned so God’s creation was enjoying a fresh new birdie somewhere out in the wild. 

The over 2 miles of hiking was quite a task for little legs and by the time our trail wound around to the beginning, we had two Superlittles begging for a nap!

Unfortunately, not everyone felt like snoozing!

SuperDaddy even stole away for a second attempt at fishing. Without distracting and impatient kiddos, he was quite successful!

SuperMom had a special surprise for rested babies – light-up bubble guns!

But of course everyone’s favorite part of the trip is the tasty, campfire-infused food!

T – 33 days until our next camping trip. Where will we go next??

Just another day in paradise

What a blast we’ve had so far at Possom Kingdom Lake! The morning was a time of recalibration and teaching our brood to slow their pace waaaaaaaay down. It’s hard for them. We keep a fast life, constantly going and doing, but it’s a life skill to know how to stop and enjoy the view. Views like this. 

We played with some delightful little visitors who were a little more interested in eating our chocolate chip pancakes (we wouldn’t share!) than actually playing. 

Of course we had to play in the sand and make muddy puddles 

Climbing rocks was a requirement 

And if we are climbing rocks, we might as well climb trees!

Being at the lake means hiking it up and down the trails to poke the water with sticks. Why? Because it’s there. Because we can. Just because. 

Needless to say, we are all having the time of our lives!

The Hoovercraft’s Maiden Voyage

Well! The time has come to take the Hoovercraft (<— see what I did there??) for its first rendezvous  into the wild, wild wilderness. Join me this weekend as we hike, fish, roast marshmallows, and chase children!

Speaking of… where DID these tiny humans come from??? There are so many of them!

How’s it coming?

This whole popup project has been such a fun family adventure! We’ve bonded, dreamed, sweated, and scrubbed. It’s been amazing. Our adventure has even been commemorated by one of the amazing ladies I work with!

Isn’t it precious?!?!!

So, it’s about time for a camper update! The biggest “to-do” item left was waterproofing the roof. Kind of a biggie. No one wants to open a camper and find mildew and sogginess. Worse, no one wants to be camping and get soggy themselves.

We deflated the popup and immediately saw where the leak was. The silicone was peeling up in two to three different areas! After reading a ton of articles, blogs, and forums online, I found that silicone is not the greatest choice ever. And then I found this magical stuff called Eternabond tape. Apparently wizards have cast a spell over otherwise ordinary tape to make it waterproof and last forever. Perfect. 

But pricey. I was able to find 50′ rolls on eBay for $40 and snatched it up. The only caveat to this Heaven-sent tape was that it will not even consider sticking to silicone. Ornery, high maintenance little snipe! 

But, we had some time, the popup was down, and my fingers were itching to peel. Without a thought, I slid my nails under the peeling edge and yanked. 4 inches came off in a chunk. Fabulous. I tugged and pulled and peeled until almost 2 feet of silicone was GONE! 

Then, the most Murphy’s Law’ish thing happened – 

Can you tell? Oh yes. It did. It had to. It rained. Not just rained, but poured for a solid 15 minutes sending us into a scurry to shelter that perfectly silicone-free 2 feet of roof. Oops!

Then, sure enough, just as quickly as that little storm came, it left. The sunshine came out. Back to work. It took a whole week of blessedly dry weather to finish scalping the roof of the offending old silicone but we finished!

Easily enough, we laid down the waterproofing tape and just like that, our roof was sea-worthy. 

Fancy, right??

And there you see our next part of this project. Can you spot it?

See that air conditioner shroud? It’s getting replaced. Then our massive project list will be done! Let’s take a look at our list again, shall we?

  • Purchase 2″ thick king and queen memory foam toppers – budget $20 each through Facebook Marketplace or somewhere similar – cost $40
  • Purchase 1 king, 1 queen, and 2 twin fitted sheets plus 6-8 pillowcases in coordinating color scheme – budget $60 total
  • Purchase or rig an extender piece for table leg; need 6 1/2″ extension plus attaching to existing leg by both – cost $5
  • Install patches in holes – cost $5
  • Replace red plastic light cover; rear side passenger – cost $??
  • Replace AC shroud (air conditioner cover) – cost $120
  • Sanitize water supply – cost $10
  • Replace 24 DC-6 EverStart Marine battery – cost $75
  • PURCHASED: Buy throw pillows and embroider designs – cost $15
  • DONE: Spray Rustoleum spray paint on metal cross beams – cost $6
  • DONE – Seal center seam with Eternabond tape from EBay – cost $40
  • DONE: Apply liberal Scotchguard fabric protector/waterproofing to canvas and cushions – cost $15
  • DONE: install magnet closers to cabinets – cost $8
  • DONE: Replace fire extinguisher – cost $10 through Facebook marketplace for brand new in box (she mis-bought from Amazon the exact one o was eyeballing!!!)
  • DONE: Recover 5 base cushions – cost $10
  • DONE: Recover 5 back cushions – cost $7
  • DONE: Recover 2 dinette back cushions – cost $8 
  • DONE: Clean interior canvas – cost $5 from Walmart 
  • DONE: clean interior vinyl – cost $5 from Walmart 
  • DONE: Remount the stovetop and paint – cost $0
  • DONE: Replace countertop by the door and paint – cost $0
  • DONE: replace sink countertop and paint – cost $0
  • DONE: Repaint all cabinetry; white – cost $15
  • DONE: paint or replace cabinet hardware – cost $8
  • DONE: Install vinyl peel and stick “hardwood look-a-like” flooring; light grey oak; 30 square feet – $33
  • DONE: Mount outlet by cooler – cost $0
  • DONE: Purchase 4 small latch locks – $5
  • DONE: buy kitchenette equipment- cost $33

So we’ve spent:

Camper $1250

Fabric and pillows $40

Paint stuff $45 ($12 returned); $33

Paint and kitchenware $40

Flooring, scotchguard, cabinet magnets $60

Fire extinguisher $10

Eternabond tape $40

= $1473 spent so far

Dinner – January 28

After an afternoon in the freezing cold (ok, mid-50s), some tasty soup to warm our insides and nourish our bodies was just the thing. Our meal plan called for Tuscan chicken soup (side note – cook an entire chicken in a CROCKPOT. I dare you. It’s perfect.) but I rarely follow recipes. I cook like I sew, by instinct. 

Last night we enjoyed our CROCKPOT chicken with country potatoes and creamed spinach and kale. Overnight the rest of the chicken bathed in the crockpot to make a rich chicken stock. This morning I strained the stock, added in some shredded chicken, lots of kale, cubed potato, wedged onion, and a whole head of garlic. On it simmered all day in the crockpot! About 30 minutes before dinner, I melted some butter and fried up some MORE garlic
To make the most incredible garlic butter. Pour it out onto some Italian bread, sprinkle with some shredded Parmesan, and toast until irresistible. 

Add some heavy whipping cream and a can of cannelini beans to the soup and continue to cook while the bread toasts. 


It was the perfect meal to end the day!