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Easy breakfast

July 26, 2011

Raise your hand if, in an effort to provide your family breakfast to go, you are guilty of popping a couple leggo my eggo’s into the toaster. *raises hand* Yeah, me too.

But, today’s tip is both healthier and cheaper while taking *almost* the same amount of effort. Make your own! What?!? I don’t have time for that, you say? Yes. You do.

At the great Wally-world (walmart) last Friday (as you get to know me you’ll find out that I grocery shop on Friday after the husband gets home from work – daddy/daughter time for them and wow-so-this-is-what-it-feels-like-to-be-an-adult time for me), I picked up a box of blueberry instant pancake mix Great Value brand for $1.67. I used 2/3 if the box to make 18 waffles on my waffle iron. I figure if you made the whole box you’d get 26 waffles. That makes them less than 6.5 cents each! Then, I wrapped them in foil in groups of two (but I’m sure you could store them in a gallon sized Ziploc). Pop them in the toaster and voila! Easy waffles!

Much cheaper, healthier, and since I whipped up batches in between stirring and cooking dinner, not really any more time!

Happy breakfast!


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