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1, 2, 3 is ENOUGH for me…

December 26, 2016

From the moment we got married, hubby and I have been asked how many mini-humans we planned to make.  We always knew it would be more than 2 and less than 25 but the exact number would be determined on a case by case basis.  Our first mini-human was born March of 2011.  She was perfect. Beautiful.  We were satisfied.

Photo Apr 02, 10 27 07 AM.jpg

But then it became clear that being an only child might not be best for our strong-willed, temperamental little diva.  February 2014 we added a male child to the mix.  He was fabulous! Born via a planned home birth with an amazing midwife, he was calmer, more grounded, more affectionate.


One girl.  One boy.  It was perfect and we were satisfied.

BUT… despite “mostly” careful charting to prevent pregnancy, God had other plans and a second precious little girl joined us October 2016, again by planned home birth.

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She has been a JOY but now we really are satisfied.  We are DONE! No more.  Zippo.  The uterus is closed.  The baby-making factory is shut down. Permanently… if you catch my drift…

So now we move, quite happily, into the next stage of our life.  We look forward to cooking sprees and building projects.  Buying property and building a house.  Camping and hiking and adventuring.

Join us as we grow our family – not in number, but in memories!



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