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Dinner – January 5

January 6, 2017

Not SUPER well known fact about me is that I’m Cuban. Well, half-Cuban. My mom introduced the hot-blooded, stubborn, and passionate blend to the gene pool and as the first born, I’m convinced I have the strongest concentration. 

So, you can imagine how pleased I was to see Cuban sandwiches on the menu for this week. Yum! 
I did make a slight modification, though. The recipe called for using hamburger buns as the bread of choice, but no self-respecting Cuban would be satisfied with that. Nope. Not gonna happen. Luckily I completely blanked on the week’s earlier dish that planned for garlic bread to accompany the pasta. French bread is almost a perfect option! Cuban sandwiches REQUIRE a crusty bread. 

I also have and used a panini grill instead of cooking the sandwiches in a skillet. With 3 minions running, rolling, or rocking around, there’s just no time to manually squish a sandwich. 

The sides were to be sautéed carrots and oven roasted potatoes but I’m a fan of one dish wonders. Enter one our beloved cast iron skillets. In a single pan, I can get a beautiful sautéed crust and then roast in the flavor in the oven while the sandwiches squished. We had some extra mushrooms and a half head of cauliflower that I threw in for extra flavor and nutrition. 

Something else I completely love about this meal plan, is that the portions are hearty and appropriate. Most of the time, like today, SuperDad and I have leftovers to savor at work. Yum!

Using the French bread for my sandwich left plenty for tomorrow’s lunch. I’m excited!

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