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Dinner January 6

January 7, 2017

Apparently Texas is either severely confused or has a unique sense of humor. Somehow my children were happily playing outside in shorts on Monday and by Friday I’m wearing 6 layers, digging out the gloves and scarves, and watching the snow fall. Absurd. That’s what it is. 

But I do love the snow. From inside, that is. Eating a hot dinner that warms your innards, making a pot of thick and rich hot chocolate to be sipped in front of the fire. An early bedtime for the SuperKids so we can enjoy a moment of peace and quiet (who am I kidding?!? Every night is perfect for early bedtime!!!). 

So I happily flipped the last two meals on our meal plan from MashUp Mom and prepared some delicious hot wings for dinner. Unfortunately, my Aldi didn’t have chicken wings but I wasn’t too heartbroken. Wings are like crawfish. Ugly. Difficult. Messy.  Too little meat for the effort. I got boneless chicken breast instead.


And of course the kids won’t eat spicy (usually I don’t either but there is something delightful about buffalo sauce that makes me put up with the subsequent runny nose – maybe it’s all the blue cheese dressing I have the excuse to eat with if), so they have some Aldi brand dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets. I chopped up some potatoes for some homemade French fries. Yum!

The whole meal was very tasty and relatively simple. Best of all, all of us ate every little crumb. 

Yes. Hot chocolate was made. It was delicious. Thanks to Pinterest, I found a recipe that doesn’t devour half a gallon of milk and I pretend it’s healthier because it’s water based. Somehow it is still super creamy and delicious. 

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