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January 7 – sorry y’all!

January 8, 2017

So sorry not sorry. Today was FUN! First we got to celebrate a very special birthday party – happy birthday SuperNephew!!! Then, my SuperDaddy asked me on a Daddy-Daughter date for the evening. Yay! We haven’t been on a date since before I got married almost 10 years ago!

SuperDad and SuperKids were on their own for dinner. Initially the plan had been to press on with the meal plan, but we had a massive stack up of leftover bits and decided that tonight would be perfect for dinner-a-la-hodge-podge. 

Meanwhile, my SuperDaddy and I enjoyed some yummy dinner out (#shrimppoboy #SHRIMP!) and then went to one of those super fun painting places. We shared a half bottle of Nexus (a sweet red wine from a local winery) and some yummy mini bundt cakes while painting the night away! I think we did pretty well!

Tomorrow starts the next meal plan. Are you ready?


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