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Coming along quite nicely. 

January 9, 2017

Oh the fabric!!! I bought an almost literal ton of yardage for Pop-Up Pop-Over of 2017 and covered my entire living room in tiny threads and clippings. Thank you Jesus for our Roomba my SuperKids affectionately named Robotski. Nice.

An entire afternoon of measuring, laying out, pacifier popping (not me! The baby! Good grief!), cutting, remeasuring, fight breaking upping (still not me), and maybe a few tears, the covers are officially cut out. Voila!

The process was really fairly simple but very time consuming. BUT I am loving the feeling of making progress!!! Between the fabric shreds and the clipped measuring tape (tip of the day: make sure your measuring tape isn’t under the fabric when you cut it), the project fought hard, but I won!

Stay tuned for the actual sewing of aforementioned scraps of material. 


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