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Dinner – January 9

January 10, 2017

Ok. So. If you’re wondering what happened to dinner yesterday. We caved. Not intentionally but not accidentally either. Yesterday evening we were blessed to watch a family friend be ordained as a minister and then commissioned for the mission field. They leave in a week or so. It was an awesome experience to witness and I was glad our family could support their family. 

BUT, with service lasting from 6-6:45pm, any time for dinner prep flew out the window. McDonald’s happened. I won’t apologize for it but I’m not proud of it either. The important thing is to remember that life happens and moments are more important than menus. 

So it’s Monday and a start to a fabulous week. So let’s get cooking! 

BBQ (or caw-be-you as my Super2YearOld says) chicken that has been cooking away in the CROCKPOT, was delicious! The pesto Parmesan rice was perfect and I spruced up the wedge salad with some chopped avocado and the rest of the blue cheese crumbles from last week. It was too yummy and we scarfed it all down too quickly to snap a pic – but use your imagination, or, better yet, give it a try!

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