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Dinner – January 11

January 12, 2017

Uh-oh! I forgot to take a picture but tonight’s dinner had two special guests (SuperMom’s SuperMom and SuperDad)! Instead of flying solo with a 3:1 kid to adult ration while SuperDad worked late, two more adults evened it up and gave us half a chance. 

All things considered, the kids ended the evening fed, played, jammied, and bedded so I call that a raging success. You win some. You lose some. The picture didn’t happen. 

But dinner was a tasty little experiment. One of SuperMom’s SuperFriends shared some fresh ground venison that, with a couple cans of beans and tomatoes (yes, cans. Don’t judge. Did you miss the part where we have more children than adults in our house? Or that the sum of all three children’s ages isn’t even a double digit number??? Canned beans. It happens.) turned into a tasty batch of homemade chili. Paired with some extra wedge salad and some warm cornbread and a yummy dinner was enjoyed tonight. 

I’m proud of myself. Tonight would have been the perfect excuse/opportunity to snag a fast food dinner but we pushed through and enjoyed dinner at home. I’m making positive progress!

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