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Let’s talk floors

January 15, 2017

The camper has been such fun to renovate! Seeing the vision turn into assorted and scattered bits. Pulling the SuperKids out of the hardware bucket 16 times. Extracting a rogue screw from a two-year-old’s hands. Classic.  Then, the joy of reassembling the random bits into a recognizable and complete picture – awesome. 

From my Pinterest board I discovered this idea of peel and stick vinyl “wood” floors. While maybe not ideal for a whole house, for our tiny 30 square feet of camper floor, it’d be perfect! I could order off Amazon but I like to touch things in person before I buy it. You know, to run magic into it and stake my claim. Lowe’s has several different colors of peel and stick for about $1 a square foot. Not too bad at all considering that you don’t need any glues or sub flooring. For a camper, just clean the floor and stick ‘me like a 2 year old sticking minions stickers on a toilet seat (anyone? anyone? Just my 2 year old?). 

Anyway. We chose this board. It’s really quite pretty and has a bit of texture. Between it’s visual appeal and the ease of installation, it’s a perfect choice! And it’s coming together beautifully!

We’ve about finished painting, started to reinstall the countertops, attached new cabinet hardware, done a ton of mildew cleaning, and have most of the floors in. I’m still trucking away on the cushion covers but one at a time and I’ll get through them all! I’m so excited!!!


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