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A new week. A new menu. 

January 17, 2017

What. A. Whirlwind! So much for posting every single evening – by the time we got to the weekend, everything just kind of fell apart! We continued our meal plans but the time to blog it didn’t happen. But I’m back!

Last week was good. Really good. But crazy full. I was thankful each evening that we had a dinner planned, that I had everything I needed, and that I could switch into autopilot mode. Barring any unforeseen meltdowns or sibling smackdowns, dinner would magically materialize by 5:30 each night. 
And it worked. Almost every night. Except Friday. By Friday I was zonked. Even my lack of SuperMomness came through in a 2 night silence when it came to dinner. Don’t worry. My family still ate dinner. McDonald’s may have been one such dinner.  

But, a new week and a new menu, so let’s press on! This week we are enjoying:

Sunday: Easy one pan sriracha chicken & veggies. (This will take some finagling as we don’t even eat spicy ketchup from Whataburger… sriracha ain’t flying here) Side: Organic mixed greens salad, mandarins.

In reality, I pretty much scratched this recipe. I didn’t even buy the sriracha as it would have gone unused. Thank you Facebook for a different inspiration – chicken and waffle sliders! Using the same amount of chicken, cubed, breaded, fried, and popped on top of mini homemade waffles – it was a hit! The kids were grabbing seconds!

Monday: Meatless Monday breakfast for dinner: Mushroom, cheddar, & spinach omelet. Serve with pan fried diced potatoes and fruit: Blueberries, sliced mango, mandarins. (I know it says “meatless” but one can always make an exception for bacon, right???)

Tuesday: Salsa chicken — serve in tortillas with guacamole, cheese, diced tomatoes, & sour cream. Side: Spanish rice.

Wednesday: BBQ pork sandwiches. Sides: Oven baked potato wedges and roasted cauliflower & broccoli

Thursday: Easy salsa chicken enchiladas. Side: Sauteed kale and mandarins.

Friday: Pulled pork burrito bowls Side: Spinach salad topped with sliced hard boiled eggs.

Aldi shoppin came to a whopping $107 including all the extras and pantry needs. 

There you go! Thank you MashUp Mom!

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