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Getting close

January 19, 2017

What an exciting project this popup remodel has been! It’s a bonafide family affair – the kids excitedly exclaim “our camper’ our camper!” Every time we pull into the driveway. Whenever possible, they are scratching at the canvas for a chance to squish in and look around. And, oh, the look of wonder when there is something they can actually help with! It’s awesome!

With a final burst of sewing energy I cranked out the remaining 5 pillow covers in one night. SuperBigGirl was so pleased when I invited her to help me throw all 12 pillows down the stairs toward SuperDad – the activity became a challenge to simultaneously clog the stairwell and tag SuperDad with a stray pillow. The giggles were contagious! Then, one by one, pillows were drug outside, hoisted into the camper, and placed back in their homes. We had to get pictures, of course!

Now new cushion covers are fun and all, but with the darkness, the colors weren’t popping like they should so we dashed inside and grabbed our beautiful throw pillows. There. That’s better!

I’m sure in the sunlight, the main area will look even more amazing, but for this red hot minute, I’m exceptionally pleased. We are nearly done!!! Let’s do a lunch list and budget recap, shall we?

  • Seal center seam with Eternabond tape from Amazon – cost $30
  • Purchase 2″ thick king and queen memory foam toppers – budget $20 each through Facebook Marketplace or somewhere similar – cost $40
  • Purchase 1 king, 1 queen, and 2 twin fitted sheets plus 6-8 pillowcases in coordinating color scheme – budget $60 total
  • Purchase or rig an extender piece for table leg; need 6 1/2″ extension plus attaching to existing leg by both – cost $5
  • Install patches in holes – cost $5
  • Replace red plastic light cover; rear side passenger – cost $??
  • Replace Duotherm 579 OR 590 OR 595 (need to figure out which) AC shroud (air conditioner cover) – cost $120
  • Sanitize water supply – cost $10
  • Replace 24 DC-6 EverStart Marine battery – cost $75
  • PURCHASED: Spray Rustoleum spray paint on metal cross beams – cost $6
  • PURCHASED: Buy throw pillows and embroider designs – cost $15
  • PURCHASED: Apply liberal Scotchguard fabric protector/waterproofing to canvas and cushions – cost $15
  • PURCHASED: install magnet closers to cabinets – cost $8
  • DONE: Replace fire extinguisher – cost $10 through Facebook marketplace for brand new in box (she mis-bought from Amazon the exact one o was eyeballing!!!)
  • DONE: Recover 5 base cushions – cost $10
  • DONE: Recover 5 back cushions – cost $7
  • DONE: Recover 2 dinette back cushions – cost $8 
  • DONE: Clean interior canvas – cost $5 from Walmart 
  • DONE: clean interior vinyl – cost $5 from Walmart 
  • DONE: Remount the stovetop and paint – cost $0
  • DONE: Replace countertop by the door and paint – cost $0
  • DONE: replace sink countertop and paint – cost $0
  • DONE: Repaint all cabinetry; white – cost $15
  • DONE: paint or replace cabinet hardware – cost $8
  • DONE: Install vinyl peel and stick “hardwood look-a-like” flooring; light grey oak; 30 square feet – $33
  • DONE: Mount outlet by cooler – cost $0
  • DONE: Purchase 4 small latch locks – $5
  • DONE: buy kitchenette equipment- cost $33

So we’ve spent:

  • Camper $1250
  • Fabric and pillows $40
  • Paint stuff $45 ($12 returned); $33
  • Paint and kitchenware $40
  • Flooring, scotchguard, cabinet magnets $60
  • Fire extinguisher $10

= $1433 spent so far

I have 4 flooring planks to return which should be about $6 plus tax in cash. Almost there and doing GREAT on budget!


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