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Dinner – January 25

January 26, 2017

So much for consistency!!! Oh well. We all live busy lives so let’s just carry right along. For dinner tonight we had some delicious buffalo chicken drumsticks. With my phone running on it’s last few tick marks of battery, I had to wing it for the recipe. 

But what an easy little recipe it was!!! Heat a few tablespoons of olive oil in Old Reliable (our 700 year old cast iron skillet – it’s humbling to know a piece of cookware will long outlive you). Pat dry the drumsticks and place skin/thick meat side down, searing in the hot oil until golden. Transfer to a cookie sheet (preferably one with a raised surface like a pyramid silicone mat or a cooling rack on the cookie sheet), baste with buffalo sauce, and bake at 425 in the convection oven for about 35 min. Baste again with buffalo sauce about halfway through cooking. Yum!

Paired with some homemade fries and carrot sticks, dinner was delightful! I’m a huge fan of blue cheese (dressing and crumbles) so both graced all surfaces of my dinner. I have no regrets!

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