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Oooops I did it again

January 26, 2017

Look at me… falling down on the job again to give y’all regular updates on our camper. 

Oh my goodness y’all! This weekend we were rocking and rolling!! The inside is basically finished! 

With phase 1 complete, we lowered the roof and immediately saw the source of our lovely, natural, rain-fed waterfall. 

So silicone removal began. Ugh!!! So laborious!!! But we got started. After about 2-3 feet of solid silicone elimination, THIS happened!

I checked my weather app! I PROMISE I did!! But just like that, a few feet of rain stopping silicone stripping later and the skies opened, spiking rain all over our Saturday project. 

We didn’t have a tarp. We couldn’t pull it in the garage. We had nothing. All I could do was grab some Rubbermaid tub lids and overlap them over the seam while using large towels to try to keep the water from sliding under and in. Quick problem solving at its finest! 

But just like a temperamental summer rain (or a storming toddler), after about 15 minutes, the sky cleared and sunshine once again filled the air. We used towels, I scooped water off the roof, we used the leaf blower to give our diva camper a blow dry. By the time it was all said and done, most of that silicone didn’t stand a chance! 

Next step… praying it doesn’t rain again until after the NEXT weekend so we can have a chance to reseal the seam. Nothing happens on a weeknight between SuperDad and I getting off work, picking up the SuperLittles, making dinner, going through backpacks/folders/bags/pockets/car seat corners for important snippets, eating dinner, playing, and scurrying off to bed. When we are done, I’m done. So the camper will have to hang in there until Saturday. It’ll work!


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