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Dinner – January 28

January 29, 2017

After an afternoon in the freezing cold (ok, mid-50s), some tasty soup to warm our insides and nourish our bodies was just the thing. Our meal plan called for Tuscan chicken soup (side note – cook an entire chicken in a CROCKPOT. I dare you. It’s perfect.) but I rarely follow recipes. I cook like I sew, by instinct. 

Last night we enjoyed our CROCKPOT chicken with country potatoes and creamed spinach and kale. Overnight the rest of the chicken bathed in the crockpot to make a rich chicken stock. This morning I strained the stock, added in some shredded chicken, lots of kale, cubed potato, wedged onion, and a whole head of garlic. On it simmered all day in the crockpot! About 30 minutes before dinner, I melted some butter and fried up some MORE garlic
To make the most incredible garlic butter. Pour it out onto some Italian bread, sprinkle with some shredded Parmesan, and toast until irresistible. 

Add some heavy whipping cream and a can of cannelini beans to the soup and continue to cook while the bread toasts. 


It was the perfect meal to end the day!

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