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How’s it coming?

January 29, 2017

This whole popup project has been such a fun family adventure! We’ve bonded, dreamed, sweated, and scrubbed. It’s been amazing. Our adventure has even been commemorated by one of the amazing ladies I work with!

Isn’t it precious?!?!!

So, it’s about time for a camper update! The biggest “to-do” item left was waterproofing the roof. Kind of a biggie. No one wants to open a camper and find mildew and sogginess. Worse, no one wants to be camping and get soggy themselves.

We deflated the popup and immediately saw where the leak was. The silicone was peeling up in two to three different areas! After reading a ton of articles, blogs, and forums online, I found that silicone is not the greatest choice ever. And then I found this magical stuff called Eternabond tape. Apparently wizards have cast a spell over otherwise ordinary tape to make it waterproof and last forever. Perfect. 

But pricey. I was able to find 50′ rolls on eBay for $40 and snatched it up. The only caveat to this Heaven-sent tape was that it will not even consider sticking to silicone. Ornery, high maintenance little snipe! 

But, we had some time, the popup was down, and my fingers were itching to peel. Without a thought, I slid my nails under the peeling edge and yanked. 4 inches came off in a chunk. Fabulous. I tugged and pulled and peeled until almost 2 feet of silicone was GONE! 

Then, the most Murphy’s Law’ish thing happened – 

Can you tell? Oh yes. It did. It had to. It rained. Not just rained, but poured for a solid 15 minutes sending us into a scurry to shelter that perfectly silicone-free 2 feet of roof. Oops!

Then, sure enough, just as quickly as that little storm came, it left. The sunshine came out. Back to work. It took a whole week of blessedly dry weather to finish scalping the roof of the offending old silicone but we finished!

Easily enough, we laid down the waterproofing tape and just like that, our roof was sea-worthy. 

Fancy, right??

And there you see our next part of this project. Can you spot it?

See that air conditioner shroud? It’s getting replaced. Then our massive project list will be done! Let’s take a look at our list again, shall we?

  • Purchase 2″ thick king and queen memory foam toppers – budget $20 each through Facebook Marketplace or somewhere similar – cost $40
  • Purchase 1 king, 1 queen, and 2 twin fitted sheets plus 6-8 pillowcases in coordinating color scheme – budget $60 total
  • Purchase or rig an extender piece for table leg; need 6 1/2″ extension plus attaching to existing leg by both – cost $5
  • Install patches in holes – cost $5
  • Replace red plastic light cover; rear side passenger – cost $??
  • Replace AC shroud (air conditioner cover) – cost $120
  • Sanitize water supply – cost $10
  • Replace 24 DC-6 EverStart Marine battery – cost $75
  • PURCHASED: Buy throw pillows and embroider designs – cost $15
  • DONE: Spray Rustoleum spray paint on metal cross beams – cost $6
  • DONE – Seal center seam with Eternabond tape from EBay – cost $40
  • DONE: Apply liberal Scotchguard fabric protector/waterproofing to canvas and cushions – cost $15
  • DONE: install magnet closers to cabinets – cost $8
  • DONE: Replace fire extinguisher – cost $10 through Facebook marketplace for brand new in box (she mis-bought from Amazon the exact one o was eyeballing!!!)
  • DONE: Recover 5 base cushions – cost $10
  • DONE: Recover 5 back cushions – cost $7
  • DONE: Recover 2 dinette back cushions – cost $8 
  • DONE: Clean interior canvas – cost $5 from Walmart 
  • DONE: clean interior vinyl – cost $5 from Walmart 
  • DONE: Remount the stovetop and paint – cost $0
  • DONE: Replace countertop by the door and paint – cost $0
  • DONE: replace sink countertop and paint – cost $0
  • DONE: Repaint all cabinetry; white – cost $15
  • DONE: paint or replace cabinet hardware – cost $8
  • DONE: Install vinyl peel and stick “hardwood look-a-like” flooring; light grey oak; 30 square feet – $33
  • DONE: Mount outlet by cooler – cost $0
  • DONE: Purchase 4 small latch locks – $5
  • DONE: buy kitchenette equipment- cost $33

So we’ve spent:

Camper $1250

Fabric and pillows $40

Paint stuff $45 ($12 returned); $33

Paint and kitchenware $40

Flooring, scotchguard, cabinet magnets $60

Fire extinguisher $10

Eternabond tape $40

= $1473 spent so far


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