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Camping trip to Lake Whitney!

May 21, 2017

We took the Hoovercraft down to Lake Whitney for a weekend of roughing it and relaxing (or at least an attempt at relaxation!). After a full work week that included a late night 3 of the 5 work days, we loaded up our brood and headed to explore the wild. 

Apparently Texas state parks have a Junior Ranger program which brought out the competitive, gotta win at everything spirit in Super6YearOld. Within an hour she had completed all the activities and filled out the application to be a bonafide Junior Ranger!

After swinging by park headquarters to get sworn in, we bee-bopped over to the fishing area for an attempt at fishing. 

What really ended up happening was some exploring, soggy bottoms, and bored children. Clearly we are going to have to work on that…

Needing to get some wiggles out, we ventured over to the Towash hiking trail. 

We even found a beautiful blue egg treasure. It had already been abandoned so God’s creation was enjoying a fresh new birdie somewhere out in the wild. 

The over 2 miles of hiking was quite a task for little legs and by the time our trail wound around to the beginning, we had two Superlittles begging for a nap!

Unfortunately, not everyone felt like snoozing!

SuperDaddy even stole away for a second attempt at fishing. Without distracting and impatient kiddos, he was quite successful!

SuperMom had a special surprise for rested babies – light-up bubble guns!

But of course everyone’s favorite part of the trip is the tasty, campfire-infused food!

T – 33 days until our next camping trip. Where will we go next??


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