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Meridian State Park

June 25, 2017

Camping trip #3 is in the bag! Armed with a fully functional air conditioner (which is a necessity with temperatures like this…)

Are we crazy!?!? I guess. But we loaded up and headed out. 

We checked in to this lovely little park and started to get set up. Meridian is a TINY State Park. Not much space but lots to see! And… next to zero mosquitoes which is a huge plus! Superchildren played while the Superparents set up our rig. 

Unfortunately, we experienced a torrential downpour that lasted almost 10 hours straight! From 105o to flooding and 60o overnight – go home Texas, you’re drunk! The rain kept us inside for half the day but we made it work. Supermommy made some yummy breakfast

Superbaby practiced crawling, posing, and looking adorable…

And everyone else had fun snuggling, coloring, and keeping entertained!

Superdaddy even tried to convince the Superbigs to watch “Oh Brother Where Art Thou” (his favorite movie!)

Once the weather cleared, we decided to try out our new inflatable  boat! Putting it together was half the fun. 

Then we hauled it down to the lake! Let’s play!

Or maybe not. Within minutes of hopping in the water, Superbaby got upset, Superson started crying relentlessly, Superdaughter needed to go potty, and Superdad spotted a water moccasin. Water play is over! Let’s try hiking instead! That seems a little less dangerous. 

We found some amazing treasures. Check out the supercool flying creatures we discovered. 

Superboy squiggled his fingers in the moss on this tree

Superdaddy spotted this incredible fossil in the rock

We found a gorgeous scenic overlook 

Superbaby fell asleep and missed the whole .75 mile hike

But perked up the minute we got back to the truck

Since our boating adventure plopped, we repurposed the boat into a pool (and later a bath!)

After dinner we engaged in a little card playing. Super3yearold is actually quite good at “Go Fish”!

Super6yearold finished her Junior Ranger activity book and was pledged as a Meridian State Park Junior Ranger. 

All the fun and adventures of the day wore out each and every Superkid and bedtime came easily. 

The morning had us packing up and heading home. T minus 12 days until our NEXT camping trip! We have 5 more trips scheduled this year! Join us for all of our adventures!

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