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Oh the places we’ll go!!!

July 12, 2017

Camping adventure number 4 is in the bag. With a trip to the exciting Dinosaur Valley State Park under our belt, we are officially half way done with our camping tour of north Texas for the summer. We have just 4 more trips planned giving us a whopping 8 total camping trips from March to October. What fun!

We started with a learning experience about the magnitude of dinosaurs. They were HUGE!!!

Aren’t these babies beautiful!

We quickly located our campsite (side tip – if you want to camp at Dinosaur Valley, book quick and get there early. That place is HOPPING!). For funsies, we added a hammock to our camping gear which the SuperKids LOVED!

Then we set out for a little exploring and quickly found the park’s amphitheater. SuperBig and SuperMiddle pretended to be a long neck dinosaur and a T-Rex and put on an entire performance for their adoring fans. 

We stumbled across the playground and helped ourselves to some energy expending time. 

Dinosaur Valley has some GREAT river wading and swimming holes. We found an awesome spot and settled in for some fun. 

Isn’t this view amazing!!! We all loved it!

Well, everyone but SuperBaby loved it. 

Quickly enough the splashing and wading became a little more daring and we challenged some rather impressive sized rocks. 

Gooooo SuperDaddy!! Let’s check that out in real time!

Back at camp, we tested our new campsite pest security system with SuperDaddy’s new Bug A-Salt gun. 

So much fun! But far too quickly the unrelenting heat wore us down so we hopped in the truck for a cool down drive. We just so happened to find ourselves in Granbury which just so happens to be the home of Babe’s Chicken. Oh my! If you’ve never had the pleasure…GO! We even had the opportunity for a quick photo op!

Right before we left the park, we decided to have a little fun with the wildlife and displays. 

Overall, we had a crazy, sweltering, hopping good time!

Join us next time!!

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